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Drone Piloting
Drone Training
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Sterling Cripps with Canadian Unmanned Inc. has been involved with UAV's and target drones in Canada and around the Globe for 10 years. He is considered a pioneer in this industry and has been involved in the development of the UAV regulations in Canada, working closely with Transport Canada and NAV CANADA. Canadian Unmanned Inc. provides an important element of regulations training to new industry operators and has trained over 1300 UAV operators in the past 6 years. Over 1000 in the past 30 months alone. His vision of creating F Class Airspace for the purpose of testing and training operators to fly beyond line of sight has become a reality at the Foremost UAS range in SE Alberta. Over 700 square nautical miles up to 18 thousand feet has been developed and is now found on Canadian Avaiation charts.
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Canadian Unmanned Inc.
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