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Commercial and Civil Drone Training Ground School

Canadian Unmanned Inc. (CUI) is an exclusive Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) training provider that evolved from the Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems (CCUVS) and remains "Canada's First Choice" in small UAV ground school training. CUI was the first small UAV / Drone training school in Canada that offered training nationally back in 2009.

Sterling Cripps, founder and Chief Instructor for CUI has successfully trained over 1200 UAV students, representing over 300 businesses both large and small in the commercial sector over the past 7 years. He has also worked closely with several police departments and 3 divisions of the RCMP. CUI has specialized in working with first responders and has trained over 250 uniformed personnel in this field representing over 20 different services.

CUI has a working relationship Transport Canada and NAV CANADA to ensure civil and commercial UAV operators are up to date on regulations and are fully aware of the responsibilities as legitimate airspace users while operating drones. He is one of Canada's leading experts in the provision of small UAV ground school training and in the operation of complex Direct Target Drones.

Canadian Unmanned Offers a Transport Canada Compliant 2 day Ground School for civil and commercial operators which covers the following topics:
  • Basic UAS "101"
  • Canadian Air Law and Regulations (CAR's)
  • Aerodynamics
  • Aviation Charts and Canada Flight Supplement
  • Aviation Weather
  • Special Flight Operating Certificates (SFOC)
  • Current Rules and regulations pertaining to Drone flights in Canada
  • Communications: Industry Canada Restricted Operator License ROC (A)
Available Nationally, Over 1200 Students Successfully Trained!
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By Sterling Cripps
Canadian Unmanned Inc.
            No  questions about it, flying drones is fun and exciting.  This new technology niche has given us the ability to see things from different angles and heights that even manned aircraft are unable to do.  We also benefit from the instant gratification of being able to purchase and fly within minutes of receipt.  This is unheard of in manned aviation, it takes days and weeks of training before one can safely solo in a manned aircraft.  But now through the use of drones we can be airborne in minutes.   So is the new norm?  Yes it is, these tiny flying robots are here to stay.

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Published : May 14 2016 - 6:51pm