Airspace Awareness Is Everybody's Business

By Sterling Cripps
Canadian Unmanned Inc.
            No  questions about it, flying drones is fun and exciting.  This new technology niche has given us the ability to see things from different angles and heights that even manned aircraft are unable to do.  We also benefit from the instant gratification of being able to purchase and fly within minutes of receipt.  This is unheard of in manned aviation, it takes days and weeks of training before one can safely solo in a manned aircraft.  But now through the use of drones we can be airborne in minutes.   So is the new norm?  Yes it is, these tiny flying robots are here to stay.

Draganfly First to Get Transport Canada's Compliant Status for Multiple UAV Systems

Draganfly Innovations ( is a Canadian company operating within the commercial UAV industry. Its devices have helped establish the commercial market and adoption of multi-rotor helicopters for aerial imaging and public safety.

Now, Draganfly’s Declaration of Compliance for all four current production Draganflyer UAVs is considered complete by Transport Canada.

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Transport Canada Goes Drone Shopping To Keep Eyes On The Arctic

(Photo: Jonathan Hayward/CP)

Canada is a vast country with a lot of land. A large portion of that land lies in the Arctic, and patrolling it to ensure compliance and enforce Canadian sovereignty is no small task.
It's also Canada's responsibility to keep tabs on shifting sea ice and look for environmental problems. An increase in marine activity and presence of foreign vessels in the Arctic makes the need for Arctic surveillance even more important. 

Currently, this is done through use of manned planes, which is expensive and requires trained pilots. As part of their election platform last fall, the Liberals committed to buying surveillance drones. As a result, Transport Canada is now shopping for surveillance drones to take on some of these surveillance duties.

Drone Wars, brought to you by Transport Canada

Drone Wars

For the first blog post of 2016, I'd like to kick off with a video that Transport Canada posted to its website a few weeks ago.

From Transport Canada: "In a time of new discoveries, the skies are filled with drones. One department will step up and try to restore order across the galaxy."

In Canada, Transport Canada is the government body responsible for regulating the use of unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) for work or research. They've even posted a handy infographic to help you determine whether you need permission to fly your UAV or if you qualify for one of the UAV exemptions.