Drones and Cars - A Possible Pairing

Drones and cars an unlikely match? Think again. Ford's been testing it with the F-150 pickup. BMW (actually, aftermarket tuner Rinspeed) wants to do it with the i8.

In the case of the  F-150 pickup, a likely scenario would be one where F-150s are used by emergency aid workers in low-accessibility disaster areas, and further surveillance of inaccessible regions is required. A drone could be launched from the back of the pickup to map and survey the surrounding area.

Live-Streaming from drone to facebook at F8

image source: Slashgear

Facebook recently introduced live-streaming video and has been gradually rolling this feature out to users.
Today, Facebook held its annual F8 conference for developers, and announced that they will be allowing developers to build live Facebook video right into their apps - even apps used to control drones! On stage, CEO Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated this by live-streaming himself to Facebook using a DJI Inspire 1. Soon, we may very well see mass adoption of Facebook users drone-streaming themselves to their friends' newsfeeds!

source: http://www.theverge.com/2016/4/12/11415244/facebook-live-video-dji-drone...

The DJI Inspire 1 Has Spoiled Me Rotten! - A New Pilot's Perspective.

The DJI Inspire 1 Has Spoiled Me Rotten! - A New Pilot's Perspective.

The other weekend, I had the opportunity to test pilot a DJI Inspire 1 (v1), which came equipped with the Zenmuse X3 gimbal & camera.

Here's a recount of my experience flying the Inspire 1 from the perspective of someone who has so far only flown micro and mini sized quadcopters in close quarters.

First off, compared to what I've been flying, the Inspire 1 is BIG! Big enough to come with its own 'suitcase' to transport it around in. At the same time, this size gives it a certain authoritative presence.

(image source: DJI)

Plus, it just looks really cool. The Inspire's design reminds me of droids from the Star Wars movies.

Top Funded Drone Companies To Watch This Year

Top Funded Drone Companies To Watch This Year

Let's face it. Being the best costs money. The chart highlights some very well funded drone manufacturing companies.
Companies like Intel, GE and Qualcomm have already been investing in drone tech. In 2016, the battle heats up as more companies hop on board to fund the most attractive companies.

A summary of the mature VC funded drone companies from Drone Industry Insights:

Mature VC-funded drone companies: