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Yuneec Typhoon H

Since we have a Phantom 4 thread, I'm starting a Typhoon H thread.

It's coming out soon. Like the DJI Inspire 1, it has retractable landing gear and a camera which can pan a full 360 degrees. Unlike the Inspire and the previous version of the Typhoon, the new unit has six rotors instead of four. Also comes with the full suite of features + sense & avoid.
Shoots 4K video and 12 megapixel stills, just like the original camera on the Inspire. But DJI now sells a better camera -  Zenmuse X5, which shoots micro 4/3 and RAW footage, and allows for more fine-grained tuning of color and focus while in the air. 

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Yuneec is definitely starting

Yuneec is definitely starting to make a name for itself. With Intel's backing, I don't doubt they'll be successful in cutting into DJI's customer base. However, it's going to be a hard grind for them to catch up. Having said that, I think they may be able to slow their products to fill gaps in DJI's lineup, much the same way AMD priced its CPUs to slot them at price points in between Intel CPU classes.

Given the choice between a Typhoon and a Phantom/Inspire, I'd know I was compromising slightly on quality if I went with the Typhoon. However, I could probably justify it to myself if the price was significantly lower.

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Saw that Yuneec is having a

Saw that Yuneec is having a Facebook contest - they're giving away a Typhoon!