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XDC2 in Las Vegas

Recently, the XDC2 (Xtreme Drone Circuit) FPV race took place in Downtown  Las Vegas. The race brought the world’s fastest pilots to Downtown Vegas to race through the first ever three-dimensional FPV racetrack. Over 75 Pilots, 500 sold-out spectator tickets, and 3000 Livestream viewers.

Here are some videos of some pilots running through the course - pretty sick!

SHAUN "NYTFURY" TAYLOR uploaded by XDC2 sponsor ZAPPOS

And here is another uploaded by user FPV_Provo

About XDC: http://xdcracing.com/

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Isn't this fremont, near

Isn't this fremont, near where that Heart Attack Grill is?

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LOL...heart attack grill. I

LOL...heart attack grill. I've been to that area - I think this is actually the other end of that block.