Why Hiring a Professional Aerial Drone Video Specialist is Important

The real estate industry has fully embraced aerial photography for property listings. This has been made possible by the widespread use of commercial drones.  No longer are realtors bound to the traditional, yet ineffective and cost intensive methods to advertise a property. 
Gone are the days of using helicopters, airplanes, or satellite feeds to show the exterior shots of their client’s property listings. These methods come with many limitations.  Such as the relatively low image quality and the extremely high costs involved with such aerial photography.  Both clients and realtors would be left with less than satisfactory results.
expert drone videographers
After years of high costs and low quality, drones have changed the real estate industry by introducing an affordable method of filming high quality drone videos and aerial photography. Drones have brought down the cost from thousands of dollars to just a few hundred dollars! At the same time, the images captured have gone from poor, grainy shots to high definition filmed in 4K quality. This has allowed all real estate companies the opportunity to take advantage of aerial photography, without compromising quality, now that it’s become so affordable. 

Real estate agents are aware of the many benefits that drones offer. However, the question of how to go about getting professionally filmed aerial photography and drone videos leaves many scratching their heads on where to begin. Two of the biggest questions are usually “Who do I call to film the property and what do I do with the media after it’s filmed?”
Getting quality aerial photos and high quality drone videos is not as simple as purchasing a drone. There’s a lot that goes into it. A drone operator needs to be trained, licensed, insured and skilled at flying at filming at the same time. But this is only the beginning. 
Once the aerial photos and drone videos are filmed, they must be edited. This alone takes time and patience to learn how to properly color correct, and edit the high quality footage. Many people need to purchase high-end computers that are capable of editing 4K video footage. And it doesn’t end there! After the videos are editing, color corrected, branded with the real estate agents’ contact information, music added… how will the videos and photos be shared online?
This is where hiring a professional drone video comes into play. A professional drone video service is a necessity for a number of reasons. For one, getting the right angles and the clearest images isn’t as easy as it sounds. It requires a trained person who has worked with drones before. The process doesn’t end with taking the images and videos; they need to be edited and given the finishing touches before they go live. Professional drone services are insured against such risks and give you the peace of mind that your property is in safe hands. 

DroneVideos.com to the rescue!

This is a task that DroneVideos.com is very well equipped for. Our Drone Operators are among the best and most experienced in the industry. All of our Drone Operators are fully licensed to operate many different types of drones.  They are also insured and have passed background checks. You can rest assured that the Drone Operator who films your property knows exactly how to make your listing stand out.
Once the Drone Operators have finished filming the listing, the photos and videos are passed on to our professional video and photo editors. The editors then color correct, edit, brand the videos and even put music on them. When they are done with the editing they upload the videos and photos to an SEO Optimized webpage. You can then share this webpage on your website, MLS websites, and even on social media with a click of a button! You do not need to have any special computer skills.
Getting started is as simple as visiting our website DroneVideos.com and clicking the “Order Now” button on the top menu of the webpage. We can have one of our professional Drone Operators out to film your listing in as little as 24 hours. Best of all, you will receive the edited content back 48 hours after we film it.
Plus we stand behind our products with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  To view samples of our work, and to get started with your order, visit https://DroneVideos.com



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