TBS Discovery ARF

Pre Assembled Kit

This is the deluxe DISCOVERY right there. Ready for long range (2.5km and return on a 3.3Ah 4S battery) with the TBS approved video system and all necessary small parts to get you going.Optionally hand-built, configured and tuned by the TBS crew themselves.

We packed a lot of goodies into this one. The TBS DISCOVERY 2G4 comes out of box, receiver-ready, packed with all the best gear.
The TBS CORE comes pre-soldered and set to the right parameters, covered with the RF-proof tin shield for maximum range and sweet looks. The optional "build it for me"-service will get you a pretty much ready to fly quadcopter, Screw on the arms, plug in the battery, bind a receiver of your choice and you're ready for FPV.
All small parts (cables, screws, etc) are included to install the motors and arms as well as the R/C and quad electronics.

  • TBS DISCOVERY top & bottom plates
  • 4x Flamewheel F450 Arms (black)
  • DJI Naza LITE Flight Control + GPS Addon (RTH capable)
  • TBS CORE installed, with RF Tin Shield
  • TBS Unify 2G4 800mW 16ch
  • TBS 59 FPV Camera
  • 4x 900kV2 Motors
  • TBS Self Tightening Prop Set 9x5" (2xCW,2xCCW)
  • Short Servo Extensions
  • TBS-branded battery straps
  • TBS Loveseat

Things you'll need to fly



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