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Photography / Videography Tips

I'm wanting to get into aerial photography / videography, but still saving up for a professional quality drone. If anyone has any input on what kind of drone they went with, or tips for getting started in this area, would be great to hear them.

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I'm kinda interested in this

I'm kinda interested in this too - DJI cut the price on the Phantom 3, which I interpret as "Phantom 4 is coming out soon". Phantom 3 seems to be the gold standard right now in that price range. Yuneec Typhoon seems like a good alternative - a bit cheaper than the Phantom, pictures not quite as good as the Phantom from what I've read, but still pretty good. 

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Re:Photography / Videography Tips

One of the most exciting developments in photography in the last year or two is the drone – high flying cameras that enable you to capture unique viewpoints of common subjects. Drone  Photography is the best way to capture the snap of any particular things which is not able to a simple camera and now Days Drones are trending gadgets .During search about drone photography, a found a URL https://www.dronomag.com/15-best-drones-for-aerial-photography-2/  this blog will explain you that which drone is best for drone photography, so go through it and read.