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Pest Control

This is probably not a practical or approved way to deal with hornet's nests, but here's a video of a guy using his quad to stir up a nest on his property..pretty hilarious, and a bit scary how vicious those hornets are!

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From what I read, the bald

From what I read, the bald faced hornets are particularly aggressive. Stirring them up is just asking for trouble. According to the comments on his video, those hornets were still buzzing around 8 hours later...talk about persistent!

Another type of pest control that drones are being used for is chasing away birds on farms, at airports and preventing nesting on buildings.

In the UK, a company called Mitie is now offering this service for high rises (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/05/31/mitie-unveils-plan-to-use...)

Bird-X is another company that uses the ProHawk UAV, which mimics the appearance of a predator to scare off birds by blasting bird-repelling sounds during flight to scare pests away from golf courses, crops and vineyards. (http://www.gizmag.com/bird-repelling-prohawk-uav-drone/41367/)

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Adding Drone Insurance Depot

Adding Drone Insurance Depot's blog post about Drone Volt's Drone Spray Hornet


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Bee, wasps, hornets attack

Bee, wasps, hornets attack agressively to protect their nest. Therefore, it is very important to be very careful when dealing with them. If, after all your hard work and efforts, you are still finding yourself with a very recurrent and very annoying hornets problem, it might be time to just call in the professionals like exterminator Folsom. Pest control are there for a reason and they may have the one simple solution you're lacking to finally get rid of those hornets for good.

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Also it is very important to

Also it is very important to keep the full knowledge about these pest and it would better to know it from the experts like exterminator Folsom. It would be beneficial for us to deal with the problem.

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This seems really very nice..

This seems really very nice.. Thanks for the information....

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Pest control

Now-a-days, pest control companies prefer using eco-friendly fumigation process to eliminate the big residential and commercial spaces from mosquitoes, flies, bugs, and pests. It is harmless to the human body, and safe for the environment.