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Part price aggregator


To to add some utility. Have you thought about adding a price aggregator so people can type in a part and it can find where has the best prices. This would draw a lot of through traffic. 

Something alomg the the lines of https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/

I know nothing of website development so have no idea how hard it is. But was just a thought. 


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That's a great suggestion,

That's a great suggestion, FluKanuck! Welcome to the site, btw. In fact, addition of purchase quicklinks to the more popular parts in our database is already in our feature backlog. When we finally get around to doing this, we'll see what our options are for extending it to include comparisons. The parts database still has hundreds of items waiting to go in, so I'm hoping we can find time to work on that section of the site post-launch and perhaps get around to purchase features later in the year. Keep the suggestions coming!