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[Nashville, TN, USA] DroneFest, Aug 6, 2016

DroneFest is Nashville's premier event dedicated to the future of drone technology.
DroneFest brings together drone enthusiasts, industry professionals, and local community members to see, discuss, and learn about all aspects of drone technology.  Whether you are brand new to drones, an occasional weekend flyer, or a seasoned pilot, DroneFest is your opportunity to join the conversation about drone use and development!

  • Learn all about different types of drones, from palm-sized quadcopters to massive fixed-wing aircraft.
  • Experience the new and exciting sport of FPV drone racing, now featured on ESPN.
  • Discover innovative uses for drones, from music video production, to package delivery, to search & rescue.
  • Understand federal and state regulations for commercial and personal drone use.
  • Discuss legal issues and concerns such as privacy, safety, and military use.
  • Support science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs for local schools.

For full event info, visit http://dronefest.net/