Fat Shark DominatorV2

FPV Goggles

The DominatorV2 builds on the original Dominator’s reputation for display quality to deliver a truly unique FPV headset. The V2 introduces revolutionary 6p plastic optics (with an astounding 8mm pupil entrance diameter) mounted on an adjustable IPD track to deliver the most accommodating display ever. Quite simply, these goggles will work for everyone. The blue frame normally associated with plastic optics is gone leaving a perfectly square and focused image floating before your eyes. Polarized direct view backlights and larger magnification makes the display both brighter and larger than its predecessor. VGA resolution, modular design, HDMI input and integrated DVR, the DominatorV2 is truly a versatile FPV goggle. The DominatorV2 has same docking ports for back compatibility with existing RF modules (including the soon to be released 1G3 and 2G4 NexwaveRF frequencies) and the Trinity head tracker.



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