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Cold weather flying tips

Hello friends! Seeing as it gets way down into the negatives in my region, thought I'd share some ideas for those who find themselves braving the cold to do their flying!

Keeping your hands warm - it's awful hard to do anything when yer fingers are frozen to the bone. A good part of e-tip gloves do the trick, and still let you use a touchscreen. The North Face makes'em. Transmitter gloves are another great option - they fit right over the transmitter and you can shove both hands in. I got one from Turnigy.

Don't let the batteries freeze! If those batteries get too cold, kiss your runtime goodbye! Keep'em in your car, pockets, indoors...wherever is warm, and take'em out just before you're gonna use them. Hand warmers work wonders for both your hands and batteries! And try not to run them all the way down - probably a good idea to land at around 15-20% in case they suddenly give out

The UAV itself - screws loosen, and plastic gets brittle in the cold. And sometimes, flight controllers just won't do squat. Again, keep it all indoors or in your car as long as possible before flying, and keep checking those screws to make sure they don't come off!

Happy cold weather flying!

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Thanks for posting your tips,

Thanks for posting your tips, Airwof! I'm sure our visitors from colder climates will learn a thing or two. Additional cold weather tips welcome!

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For the screws, you can also

For the screws, you can also use loctite on them for added insurance. Definitely not good to have things flying off in mid-flight!

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Just make sure you use the

Just make sure you use the proper loctite! There are a few different types - some better suited for metal to metal contact. I've heard it can make some plastic compounds brittle, and cause them to crack.