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[Bristol, UK] Dronetech Europe 2017, May 10-12, 2017

Dronetech Europe kicks off in 2017 as a conference for commercial drone professionals, end-users and experts

The conference will run from Wednesday 10th – Friday 12th May, 2017, and will be free to attend.  This includes free access to ALL keynote presentations on the Main Stage.

Dronetech Europe will include a conference for high-level discussions, workshops, seminars and The Big Drone Pitch, the world’s first startup competition for commercial drones.

Visit the event website for full information - http://www.dronetecheurope.com/

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Dronetech Europe Press Release

More About Dronetech Europe from the press release:

Dronetech Europe (http://www.dronetecheurope.com) is a large scale tradeshow run by Dronetech Events. It is Europe’s most exciting event for commercial drones and is free to attend.

The three-day event offers attendees the opportunity to learn about drone technology (also known as RPAS / UAVs / SUAS) at the Dronetech Europe exhibition and conference. Dronetech Europe will take place from Wednesday 10th May to Friday 12th May 2017.

Dronetech Europe finds an apt setting in Brunel’s Old Station at The Passenger Shed and the Engine Shed. This location was the site of one of the world’s first transport hubs in a city renowned for innovation in engineering and aerospace - a legacy that began in the Industrial Revolution and continues today.

Dronetech Europe is owned by publisher and media owner, Whisper Media. It includes a thriving community of over 105,000 members on social networks, and a news site - www.dronetechnews.net. Dronetech aims to share inspiring examples of drone technology being applied for positive outcomes and progressive business.

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First 20 speakers announced for Dronetech Europe 2017

Dronetech confirms 20 inspiring speakers at Europe’s most exciting drone event.
A diverse and inspiring group of experts in aviation, technology and commercial drones will speak at Dronetech Europe 2017 (DTE17) in Bristol next May.
DTE17, taking place from 10th-12th May 2017, will be a forum for cutting edge ideas in commercial drone technology. A free exhibition will bring together innovators and researchers from around the globe to share their vision of how drones can improve our lives.
An international panel of speakers will discuss how to use drone technology in wildlife conservation, disaster relief, education, heritage, art, film and photography.
Noteworthy names include transatlantic aviator Tracey Curtis Taylor, aerial photographer and social media sensation Jaimen Hudson, and World Record holder and founder of Stemettes, Anne-Marie Imafidon.
The impressive lineup also includes representatives from BBC Natural History, National Geographic, Poaching Prevention, Bentley, Dancing with Drones, Afrotech and SGS.
“We’re waging a war on traditional Death-By-Tradeshow events. It’s time the B2B events industry was disrupted and forced to evolve to better reflect the 21st century and the needs of 21st century business.
Most B2B events have an air of exclusivity about them. Keynote speakers who are driving innovation and offering real-world experience that could transform your business are often tucked away in a conference hall that you may pay hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, to attend.
We want to change this.
Dronetech Europe 2017 is an open-source, live-streamed event, allowing unprecedented access for people to hear from the innovators, experts and creators that together are driving the incredible ecosystem of drone technology.
DTE17 is about the future. It’s about 21st century technology that has the power to transform the way we do business, save the planet and change our lives, for good.”
Rich Potts, Founder, Dronetech Europe
To see the full lineup and learn more about the DTE17 speakers, visit http://www.dronetecheurope.com/speakers/.
Dronetech Europe will be held across three days from Wednesday 10th May to Friday 12th May 2017 in the heart of the dynamic city of Bristol. Keynote speakers will present at the DTE17 Exhibition, taking place at The Passenger Shed in Bristol’s historic Brunel’s Old Station.
The DTE17 Conference will run alongside the exhibition in neighbouring venue The Engine Shed, another vibrant and progressive space.
The exhibition is free to attend, with conference tickets available for purchase at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/dronetech-europe-2017-tickets-19987530241.
More information can be found on the Dronetech Europe website http://www.dronetecheurope.com.

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New Speakers announced

Dronetech Europe announces more speakers! They include: Sampriti Bhattacharyya, founder of HydroSwarm; Precision Hawk's Diana Marina Cooper and search & rescue pilot Jerry Grayson. You can see the full lineup here.