Blackout 330


The Blackout 330 has been designed as a durable high speed racer. Being slightly larger provides more stability at high speeds and allows room for UHF and powerful 1.3ghz video transmitters. The frame design surrounds your GoPro ensuring maximum protection. Easy to build with the provided Power Distribution Board. Clean/Dirty section for anti-vibration. The Firewall offers protection to your electronics from battery movement during hard crashes.


  • Version: 1
  • Frame Weight: Version 1: 270 grams
  • Materials: 3k Twill Weave Carbon Fiber
  • Fasteners: Zinc Plated Alloy 12.9 & Black Nylon 6/6
  • Size: 6" - 330mm MTM, 8" - 360mm MTM
  • Maximum Propeller: 6"
  • Motor Mount: M3 16mm-19mm
  • Flight Controller Mount: 30.5mm x 30.5mm, 45mm x 45mm, HKPilot
  • Board Camera Mount: 32mm x 32mm
  • GPS Mount: 30.5mm - 38mm


  • Integrated CCD Camera Mount
  • Integrated GPS Mount
  • Integrated Antenna Mount x3


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