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AIrBladeX 130 X-Racer

Seeing all these X-frames on the market makes me wonder what is so cool about them that everyone is flying an X. So I set out to design a micro X of my own. What I don't like about the current X frame designs is the pod situated on top of the FC mount. Call me crazy or paranoid but I always fear that in hard crashes, the pod get ripped out and pull the FC with it. And I also hate how tall the current pod designs are. The top 2 criteria for my new design is 1. FC is protected and isolated from other components and 2. As low profile as possible. 

Here comes AirBladeX 

- 3-plate design 
- 30mm overall height ( you can customize it to whatever height you want to fit your building skills) 
- Mounting holes for 1105 or 1306 motors with 1306 being the prefer setup 
- 3mm bottom plate
- 1.5mm middle and top plate 
- Mounting hole for SMA connector 
- Weight: 40g (frame and hardware)

You can get the frame here https://www.airbladeuav.com/collections/airblade-frames/products/airblad...
Or bundle it with the electronics and save https://www.airbladeuav.com/collections/airblade-frames/products/airblad...


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Nice job on the X-Racer! For

Nice job on the X-Racer! For those starting out and trying to decide between an Assault and the X-Racer design, would it be fair to say that this one is a bit more beginner friendly due to crash tolerance and FC protection? Any handling or flight characteristics that make X style frames more suitable for certain types of flying eg. freestyle?

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X frame has symmetrical

X frame has symmetrical design so the tuning is almost minimum. I use stock betaflight rewrite PIDs and it already flies like a dream!