Drones Oman Workshop and Live Demonstrations

Officially supported by the Public Authority for Civil Aviation, the Drones Oman Workshop and Live Demonstration will take place from 27-28 February 2017 in Muscat, Oman, to help you learn more about the applications of drones and the regulations governing the use of this technology across various sectors such as construction, transportation, energy and emergency services.

International Drone Expo to Host Official Drone Pitchfest Competition Presented By Singh Ventures

Los Angeles, Calif. – (October 19, 2016) – International Drone Expo (IDE), the largest gathering of the most innovative and leading members of the UAV community from around the globe, will hold a Drone Pitchfest Competition sponsored by Singh Ventures. The 2016 Drone Pitchfest Competition is open to domestic and international entrepreneur applicants who are seeking the opportunity to present their ideas and business concepts surrounding the unmanned aerial systems industry.

International Drone Expo to Host Official MultiGP Sanctioned Drone Race in Los Angeles

Los Angeles drone racing! Epic MultiGP race at International Drone Expo

Los Angeles, Calif. – (September 28, 2016) – International Drone Expo (IDE), the largest gathering of the most innovative and leading members of the UAV community from around the globe, will hold its first annual Drone Race inside the Los Angeles Convention Center this December. MultiGP, the sanctioning body and leading drone racing league for first-person view (FPV) radio-controlled aircraft in the United States, will custom design the indoor race course for first use at the show.

International Drone Expo Announces All-New and Upgraded Activations for December Show in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Calif. – (August 19, 2016) – International Drone Expo (IDE) today announced its all-new and upgraded show activations for 2016. IDE, the largest gathering of the most innovative and leading members of the UAV community from around the globe, will host its first annual Drone Race Cup, a pitchfest competition and film showcase. The third annual IDE is set to take place December 9-10, 2016 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
The Championship IDE drone race cup is one of the few sanctioned in Los Angeles. The race will feature a challenging state-of-the-art course with demanding obstacles, time chip sensors and display monitors showing first person view for spectators.

Introducing The World's Simplest Drone...For Now

The Monospinner: a controllable flying vehicle with a single moving part

The more complex something is, and the more moving parts, the greater the likelihood of something going wrong. Enter the monospinner. It has only one moving part: its propeller. 
It's being touted as the simplest drone design to date, and is still controllable once it takes off. Of course, there are some limitations - you're not going to want to strap a Go-Pro to it for filming, for example. Check out the video to see it in action.

source: http://gizmodo.com/the-worlds-simplest-drone-has-just-one-moving-part-17...

Hover Camera, A Selfie Lover's Dream Come True

Introducing Hover Camera, the self-flying camera anyone can use

Beijing startup Zero Zero Robotics' Hover Camera is being touted as a safe and foldable selfie drone that follows you. You can grab it any way you want without fear of getting hurt by the spinning propellers.

The company has raised $25M to make this dream come true. Zero Zero has been working on this technology since 2014 with a team of roughly 70 people. Hover is their first drone, but its self-flying capabilities should come standard with future offerings from the company.

Documentary Film: The Drone Invasion

The Drone Invasion Trailer

The Drone Invasion is a documentary that asks the question: Is it the drone that society seeks to regulate or is the actual truth hidden from our view?

The film features the leading drone experts from around the globe. Lawyers, Pilots, Manufacturers, and fans discuss the drone industry with us.

The documentary is currently in production and will feature interviews and stories of many different people in countries all over the world who use drones for a variety of helpful purposes

AirMap Raises $15 M For Drone Airspace Management System

image source: TechCrunch

As more and more drone operators take off, airspace management is going to continue becoming a bigger issue. Just as airports have traffic controllers managing planes overhead, having a way to manage drones flying in the same airspace will be necessary. Enter AirMap, a startup that's aiming to provide drone operators with airspace information so theyknow where it's safe to fly. Airmap has raised a $15 million Series A funding round to do this, and I see the tool becoming invaluable to drone operators.

source: http://techcrunch.com/2016/04/07/airmap-raises-15m-series-a-round-to-dev...

Live-Streaming from drone to facebook at F8

image source: Slashgear

Facebook recently introduced live-streaming video and has been gradually rolling this feature out to users.
Today, Facebook held its annual F8 conference for developers, and announced that they will be allowing developers to build live Facebook video right into their apps - even apps used to control drones! On stage, CEO Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated this by live-streaming himself to Facebook using a DJI Inspire 1. Soon, we may very well see mass adoption of Facebook users drone-streaming themselves to their friends' newsfeeds!

source: http://www.theverge.com/2016/4/12/11415244/facebook-live-video-dji-drone...