Airmageddon Is Upon Us

BRAND NEW! Airmageddon - CBBC

It's drone warfare for children, but we're not out to make them child soldiers. The new UK TV show, Airmageddon, puts 9-14 year olds through a series of drone-related challenges. 
The concept has potential, but from the reviews, probably has a few growing pains to get through before gaining wider appeal.

AT&T and Intel Partner To Enable LTE-Connected Drones

Connected devices and IoT (Internet of Things) are all the rage now. Having Intel and AT&T believe that having  LTE-connected drones will enable us to better pilot them once they're out of our line of sight and permit better real-time camera footage.

Our Press Release Is In 24hrs Vancouver!

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Vancouver, BC, Canada, Feb 22, 2016 - Today marks the official launch of Drone Overdose, an exciting and innovative new online community website that brings together drone enthusiasts and industry professionals to discuss drone-related topics across diverse areas of interest.

In 2015, the US government expected as many as 1 million drones to be sold in the US alone by the end of the year. This year, the number is projected to be even higher as drone use continues to soar in popularity.

Raffaello D'Andrea Dazzles the Crowd With Drones at TED 2016

For those who are unfamiliar with Raffaello D'Andrea, he is professor of dynamic systems and control at ETH Zurich. He is also co-founder of Kiva Systems, which is now part of Amazon and currently known as Amazon Robotics (manufactures mobile robotic fulfillment systems). Finally, he is also a founder of Verity Studios, which does work on autonomous flight systems.

At the 2016 TED talks the other day, he wowed onlookers at the Vancouver Convention Centre with a fixed-wing UAV that can right itself from any orientation, an 8-propellor craft, and a dazzling choreographed light show put on by 33 autonomous drones resembling a swarm of fireflies.

Dronebox Takes Autonomous Drone Capabilities To The Next Level

Whenever drones need to be deployed to a site, a significant amount of time and effort is still spent. The Dronebox nesting platform, from H3 Dynamics, aims to mitigate this somewhat by providing 24/7 autonomous capabilities to drones.

With an automated recharging and storage station that can be left on site, a dedicated UAV can be deployed on-call or routinely for months at a time. A network of autonomous drones stationed in such a manner could provide the first steps to creating an 'Internet of Drones', as some have called it.

image source: Gizmag

Dronebox in action:

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Local Vancouver Blog has written an article about us and our upcoming launch! Needless to say, if you're already here, the article probably won't tell you anything you don't already know about this site. However, it's fantastic that there's been so much support for Drone Overdose, and starting dialogues about drones, from the local community. 

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Rook: The World’s 1st Fly-From-Anywhere Home Drone

Rook: The World's 1st Fly-From-Anywhere Home Drone

There are lots of products out there that you can use to monitor your home while you're away, but by and large, these are cameras with limited or no ability to shift focus or move. Enter the Rook, your personal home monitoring drone - it can be controlled through wi-fi, so you can virtually patrol your home while away, provided you have proper signal coverage.. Brilliant!

Check out their Indiegogo campaign

Tethered Drones by CyPhy Works Could Be A Game Changer for Monitoring

You may remember CyPhy Works' CEO Helen Greiner as one of the founders of iRobot, the company that became famous for making the Roomba. Now, one of her companies is poised to raise the bar again with a tethered drone, or what Greiner refers to as a 'persistent' drone, which could be a game changer for monitoring and military applications.


According to TechRepublic of CyPhy Works's models, the Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications, (PARC), has a unique feature: a tether.

Star Trek USS Enterprise Drone - Starfleet Training Optional

It had to happen eventually. Star Wars fans have gotten flying droids, as well as the Air Hogs X-Wing and Millenium Falcon last year. Now, Trekkies (or is that Trekkers) can rejoice!
Spin Master (parent company of Air Hogs) has come to the rescue with a quadcopter replica of the USS Enterprise


According to Gizmodo:

The New PowerEgg Drone Looks Like *Gasp*... An Egg!

PowerEgg - The Flying Robot by PowerVision

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's....a giant egg! That's what I'll be saying when Powervision Robot releases their PowerEgg Drone. As Powervision puts it, the PowerEgg is supposed to be "beautiful and functional". You be the judge.

Powervision Robot Inc has launched its first ever drone, the oddly shaped PowerEgg. Like its name suggests, the PowerEgg is shaped like an egg…and, you know, is powered. Or something like that. Unlike other consumer-level UAVs, the PowerEgg looks like a big egg with four armatures coming off it, each of them with rotors. Despite its weird shape, the PowerEgg can fly due to its “extremely lightweight” design, and when not in use, it simply folds up into a regular-looking (giant robot) egg.