The DJI Inspire 1 Has Spoiled Me Rotten! - A New Pilot's Perspective.

The DJI Inspire 1 Has Spoiled Me Rotten! - A New Pilot's Perspective.

The other weekend, I had the opportunity to test pilot a DJI Inspire 1 (v1), which came equipped with the Zenmuse X3 gimbal & camera.

Here's a recount of my experience flying the Inspire 1 from the perspective of someone who has so far only flown micro and mini sized quadcopters in close quarters.

First off, compared to what I've been flying, the Inspire 1 is BIG! Big enough to come with its own 'suitcase' to transport it around in. At the same time, this size gives it a certain authoritative presence.

(image source: DJI)

Plus, it just looks really cool. The Inspire's design reminds me of droids from the Star Wars movies.

FoodPanda Raises $100 Million Round To Drone-Deliver Your Orders

FoodPanda Raises $100 Million Round To Drone-Deliver Your Orders

Don't let those Panda outfits fool you. FoodPanda, an online takeaway delivery service backed by tech investor Rocket Internet, has received $100 million in a financing round led by a Goldman Sachs hedge fund. That's no joke. FoodPanda aims to become one of the first takeaway services to start using drones to deliver orders.

Foodpanda is part of the Global Online Takeaway Delivery group created earlier this year by Rocket, and plans to offer takeaway delivery services to restaurants in 40 countries.
Over the past year, they've been acquiring rivals in a range of emerging markets including India, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, eastern Europe and southeast Asia.

Transport Canada Goes Drone Shopping To Keep Eyes On The Arctic

(Photo: Jonathan Hayward/CP)

Canada is a vast country with a lot of land. A large portion of that land lies in the Arctic, and patrolling it to ensure compliance and enforce Canadian sovereignty is no small task.
It's also Canada's responsibility to keep tabs on shifting sea ice and look for environmental problems. An increase in marine activity and presence of foreign vessels in the Arctic makes the need for Arctic surveillance even more important. 

Currently, this is done through use of manned planes, which is expensive and requires trained pilots. As part of their election platform last fall, the Liberals committed to buying surveillance drones. As a result, Transport Canada is now shopping for surveillance drones to take on some of these surveillance duties.

Personal Drone Transport Just Got Real With the Volocopter

Personal Drone Transport Just Got Real With the Volocopter

Earlier in the year, Ehang showed off its vision of personal transport with the Ehang 184, which was posted in the Cool stuff at CES 2016 thread.
E-Volo, a German manufacturer, has similar dreams, with a greater abundance of motors added for good measure. Their prototype Volocopter allows the rider to take control through a single joystick. Now, the main obstacle for them is simply getting past current aviation laws. Once those are sorted out, we may soon see Europeans whizzing around in their own personal Volocopter!

Here's the Volocopter website in case you want to learn more -

What Happens If A Drone Hits A Passenger Jet?

The number of incidents of drones having near misses with passenger jets and other aircraft have been well documented, with frequency of such incidents on the rise. This has spurred an entire industry around anti-drone defense systems.

Should we really be worried about a drone hitting a passenger jet? What's the worst that could happen? A lot, apparently.

Compliance Software

For those that need compliance documentation has a coupon code that is good for 50% their pro plan for a year 
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Canada's Aeryon Labs Fast Becoming a Leader in Public Safety Drone-Tech

Canada's Aeryon Labs Fast Becoming a Leader in Public Safety Drone-Tech

Canada-based Aeryon Labs Inc wants an unmanned aircraft of some type to be in every police car and fire truck.
Last week, they coached first responders from fire and police departments in Columbus, Ohio on the basics of drone deployment.
Law-enforcement officials in Ohio are hoping that drone deployment can help increase law enforecment effectiveness and reduce their aerial budgets.

Aeryon Labs company website:


Drones Changing How Pirates and Military Operate At Sea

Canada currently uses its navy to bust drug smuggling operations at sea, and conduct anti-piracy and anti-terror operations.
Now, pirates, smugglers and traffickers could be using drones for surveillance and weapons delivery. This could make policing the seas more difficult for military forces.
However, two can play at that game, and drone use could be a cost-effective way to make Canada’s cash-strapped navy more capable.

According to Motherboard (

FireClouds Professional Drone Construction System

FireClouds is a drone construction system designed by Airk, a company based in Barcelona, Spain.

The system is geared toward photographers and makers, and can be tailored to almost any application. Its focus is on high performance and adaptability.


Depending on your level of experience, you will not find any difficulties thanks to, among other things, the assembly indications on the pieces and components. However, if you do not have it clear, you’ll be able to follow the step by step instructions.