Four ways to legally fly your UAV in Canada

Unmanned Systems Canada

The most important thing is defining what you’re going to be using your UAV for.
If you’re using it for anything recreational, you can go ahead and fly it without a permit.
“The distinction isn’t commercial vs. non-commercial – the distinction is recreational vs non-recreational,” explains Eric Edwards, past chair of Unmanned Systems Canada, and industry representative of many of Transport Canada’s regulatory initiatives.
What this means is that if you’re using it for anything other than a hobby – that includes education, business and anything else that is for “hire or reward” – it puts you in a different category, and you will probably need to get a government license to operate.

Introducing The World's Simplest Drone...For Now

The Monospinner: a controllable flying vehicle with a single moving part

The more complex something is, and the more moving parts, the greater the likelihood of something going wrong. Enter the monospinner. It has only one moving part: its propeller. 
It's being touted as the simplest drone design to date, and is still controllable once it takes off. Of course, there are some limitations - you're not going to want to strap a Go-Pro to it for filming, for example. Check out the video to see it in action.


Drone Marriage Proposal Service Takes The Stress Out of Popping The Question

It's an age old ritual - working up to the point where you've finally decided to ask the love of your life to marry you can be joyous, nerve-wracking and stressful for some.

UK Drone retailer DronesDirect wants to help alleviate some of that anxiety by offering what I like to call DWPaaS (Drone Wedding Proposal as a Service).

You're kidding, right? Believe me, I kid you not. 

DronesDirect says:

Hover Camera, A Selfie Lover's Dream Come True

Introducing Hover Camera, the self-flying camera anyone can use

Beijing startup Zero Zero Robotics' Hover Camera is being touted as a safe and foldable selfie drone that follows you. You can grab it any way you want without fear of getting hurt by the spinning propellers.

The company has raised $25M to make this dream come true. Zero Zero has been working on this technology since 2014 with a team of roughly 70 people. Hover is their first drone, but its self-flying capabilities should come standard with future offerings from the company.

Canada Post Exploring Drones for Mail Delivery

(image source : CBC) 

For some time, Canada Post has struggled due to declining use of physical mail delivery and stirred up controversy in 2015 after announcing plans to axe door-to-door delivery in favour of community mailboxes.

Australia Post has been testing the idea of using drones for mail delivery, and now Canada Post is considering it as well. Have a lot of empty land, like Australia, Canada has many isolated spots with infrequent mail delivery (not more than once a week).

Drone technology may allow them to increase the frequency of delivery in these areas.


Documentary Film: The Drone Invasion

The Drone Invasion Trailer

The Drone Invasion is a documentary that asks the question: Is it the drone that society seeks to regulate or is the actual truth hidden from our view?

The film features the leading drone experts from around the globe. Lawyers, Pilots, Manufacturers, and fans discuss the drone industry with us.

The documentary is currently in production and will feature interviews and stories of many different people in countries all over the world who use drones for a variety of helpful purposes

Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge Offers $50K Award

Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge by Local Motors

Airbus Group and Local Motors have officially kicked off the 'Cargo drone challenge', an open competition to identify and design a premium drone solution to transport quickly urgent medical supplies to people and places that are traditionally difficult to reach. 

Ready for your idea to take flight? Join the Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge and submit designs for a drone that Airbus Group will consider putting into commercial production. It's time for civilian, cargo drones to make a leap into the mainstream, and your design could be the one to make it happen.

AirMap Raises $15 M For Drone Airspace Management System

image source: TechCrunch

As more and more drone operators take off, airspace management is going to continue becoming a bigger issue. Just as airports have traffic controllers managing planes overhead, having a way to manage drones flying in the same airspace will be necessary. Enter AirMap, a startup that's aiming to provide drone operators with airspace information so theyknow where it's safe to fly. Airmap has raised a $15 million Series A funding round to do this, and I see the tool becoming invaluable to drone operators.