Canadian Drone Racing prepping for inaugural Championship tournament

Canadian Drone Racing League

Drone racers from across Canada will gather in Edmonton on July 30-31 at the Northlands EXPO Centre during this year’s K-Days Tech Life program for the inaugural Canadian Drone Racing Championship.
Racers can enter into as many as four classes to compete in thrilling first-person view (FPV) heat races, putting their skills to the test.

North Shore Rescue adds drone to toolkit

North Shore Rescue using drones

There’s a new member of the North Shore Rescue (NSR) team, but it’s smaller than their standard highly-trained team member.
As one of the busiest search and rescue organizations in the country, they can use the help. While the team of volunteers averages 80 to 90 calls per year, last year they responded to about 135 calls. This year it looks like they may get even more than that. To put those numbers into perspective, most of the other SAR teams in the area get fewer than 50 calls per year.
“The number of calls we go on forces us to get better and to develop tools,” explains Curtis Jone

Drone takes out hornet nests using insecticide

Drone used to remove an invasive species of hornet

Drone Spray Hornet V1

A particularly invasive species of hornet spreading around Europe may have met its match in Drone Volt's Drone Spray Hornet
The Asian Hornet is thought to have arrived in France by accident over a decade ago. Since then, it has spread quickly throughout most of the country and other regions in Europe. 
The species removes honeybees and other local pollinators, and aggressively defends its nests from percieved threats.
Drone Volt worked with a beekeeper to develop a drone equipped with a camera and a spray can, which takes the nests out without putting anyone in danger.

Drones and Cars - A Possible Pairing

Drones and cars an unlikely match? Think again. Ford's been testing it with the F-150 pickup. BMW (actually, aftermarket tuner Rinspeed) wants to do it with the i8.

In the case of the  F-150 pickup, a likely scenario would be one where F-150s are used by emergency aid workers in low-accessibility disaster areas, and further surveillance of inaccessible regions is required. A drone could be launched from the back of the pickup to map and survey the surrounding area.

Fire-starting drone being tested for conservation purposes

Fire-starting drone

Aerial Fire Drone Passes Homestead Test

Drones are developing an increasingly complex relationship with fire.
Last summer, a drone user interrupted efforts to get a wildfire burning near Oliver in British Columbia under control.
More recently, drones have been deployed in an effort to determine the origin of the devastating wildfire that tore through Fort MacMurray in northern Alberta.
Now, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has been working to develop a drone to ignite controlled burns from the air.

$50,000 drone design challenge underway

Airbus Group and Local Motors drone design competition

Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge by Local Motors

The quest to find the perfect drone design is underway.
The Airbus Group and Local Motors have opened a competition to identify and design a drone used to transport medical supplies to places that would otherwise be difficult to reach.
The example used by the team is a doctor working in a jungle, who might need specific drugs from a hospital 100 kilometres away. Time and efficiency would be essential.
To make that possible, they’ve opened up design ideas to the general public to submit. They have to fit a certain criteria, and the top submission will be awarded $50,000.
Why put on a contest, rather than hiring a firm to design a drone?

Drones could replace $127 billion worth of human work by 2020

The drone future

The potential for drone use is only beginning to scratch the surface of the market, according to new research from consulting firm PwC.
The global market for drones is currently valued at $2 billion. But that is estimated to rise to $127 billion worth of services and labour currently being done by humans.
Although much was made of Amazon’s announcement that they would look into drone delivery for packages, transport is only one portion of the labour market drones could take over.

Second Women in Drones Event Planned for InterDrone

MELVILLE, N.Y., May 9, 2016 BZ Media LLC announced today the second Women in Drones Luncheon, a special networking event at InterDrone™ The International Drone Conference & Exposition being held September 7-9 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. Gretchen West, a Senior Advisor at Hogan Lovells US LLP and former executive at Drone Deploy and AUVSI, will moderate the panel discussion.

Airspace Awareness Is Everybody's Business

By Sterling Cripps
Canadian Unmanned Inc.
            No  questions about it, flying drones is fun and exciting.  This new technology niche has given us the ability to see things from different angles and heights that even manned aircraft are unable to do.  We also benefit from the instant gratification of being able to purchase and fly within minutes of receipt.  This is unheard of in manned aviation, it takes days and weeks of training before one can safely solo in a manned aircraft.  But now through the use of drones we can be airborne in minutes.   So is the new norm?  Yes it is, these tiny flying robots are here to stay.

Drones Deployed to Help in Fight Against Alberta Wildfire

image source: Reuters

Release the drones! After a raging wildfire has displaced over 88,000 residents from Fort McMurray, Alberta, firefighters have been struggling to control the blaze. The fires have devastated the town, and this is expected to be the costliest natural disaster in Canadian history. Local authorities and firefighters are now enlisting the help of drones to pinpoint the cause of the blaze and provide insight on how they can more effectively fight it.

excerpt from Business Insider: