International Drone Expo Announces All-New and Upgraded Activations for December Show in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Calif. – (August 19, 2016) – International Drone Expo (IDE) today announced its all-new and upgraded show activations for 2016. IDE, the largest gathering of the most innovative and leading members of the UAV community from around the globe, will host its first annual Drone Race Cup, a pitchfest competition and film showcase. The third annual IDE is set to take place December 9-10, 2016 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
The Championship IDE drone race cup is one of the few sanctioned in Los Angeles. The race will feature a challenging state-of-the-art course with demanding obstacles, time chip sensors and display monitors showing first person view for spectators.

InterDrone After-Hours Sessions Added to Largest Commercial UAV Show

MELVILLE, N.Y., August 15, 2016 BZ Media LLC today announced the addition of four special sessions happening “after hours” at InterDrone, The International Drone Conference & Exposition running September 7-9 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. The InterDrone After-Hours sessions run concurrently from 7:30-9:00 on Wednesday September 7 following the InterDrone Film Festival and they are open to full conference All-Access attendees. The four sessions are:
DJI Drones-of-a-Feather – A panel and interactive question and answer session with DJI Director of Education Romeo Durscher and other members of the DJI team for flyers of Phantoms, Inspires, S-900’s and S-1000’s and the new Matrice 600 drones.

The benefits of using a drone for building inspection

Using a drone for building inspection

A recent article in the Globe and Mail tells the story of Kirt Ejesiak, a resident of Iqaluit, Nunavut, in the Canadian north. Although he bought his drone to take real estate photographs, he soon discovered that he could make money by doing aerial inspections.

Proper building maintenance means doing regular, visual inspections of the exterior. The problem is that sometimes it can be difficult to see parts of the outside of the building, particularly if it is more than a few stories. Even a roof inspection on a one-storey home would be impossible without climbing up and taking a look. 

The sky's the limit: Construction and the future of drone tech

Drones in Construction

While drone photography and filming seems to have taken over the Internet, and drones continue to buzz through the news on a regular basis, the real potential of the drone has yet to be realized.
The international banking firm Goldman Sachs recently listed the eleven ways that drone tech will change the world, and the construction industry was number one. Cinematography, which we currently see as the biggest market for drone insurance, was listed at eleventh. That indicates how much change is about to occur – and how relatively untouched the construction industry currently is.

160 Commercial Drone Companies to Showcase Latest UAV Technology at InterDrone

MELVILLE, N.Y., August 1, 2016 — BZ Media LLC today unveiled the exhibition component of the industry’s largest dedicated commercial UAV show, InterDrone. More than 130 exhibitors have already signed up and another 30 are expected before the show opens its doors September 7-9 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. The exhibition will be paired with more than 120 sessions on all aspects of UAV design, piloting, regulations, and business management.

First 7-Eleven drone delivery included Slurpees, of course

Drone delivery

As Amazon continues to work towards drone deliveries, 7-Eleven has teamed up with tech startup Flirtey to make the first delivery of convenience store goods to a customer in Nevada.
While most are familiar with the convenience store chaint that boasts over 10,000 stores in North America, and nearly 60,000 worldwide.

Flirtey is a Nevada-based company that specializes in drone delivery.

Two deliveries took place on July 10. 

From the press release:

You can use your drone to cheat at Pokémon Go

Using drones to cheat at Pokemon Go

By now you've probably heard all you want to about the new phenomenon known as Pokemon Go, a devious ploy by Nintendo to get videogame users some fresh air and excercise
And of course it was only a matter of time before someone decided to have a little bit of fun by hacking the game -- and the excercise -- by duct taping their phone to their drone.

BZ Media and Skylogic Research Release “The Truth About Drones in Construction and Infrastructure Inspection”

MELVILLE, N.Y., July 5, 2016 BZ Media LLC announced today the second in its series of critical examinations of the hype and reality behind certain vertical commercial drone markets, “The Truth About Drones in Construction and Infrastructure Inspection.”  The free report was commissioned by BZ Media and written and produced by Skylogic Research.
The white paper can be accessed here: